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Possum Room

A brand new room started in 2018 established to cater for the 0-3 year olds welcomed many new children and families into the Rainbow family. Shaz, Rylee and Olivia worked hard to create a beautiful inviting room and establish amazing relationships with the Possum Room children. The sense of belonging was continued to be strengthened throughout the year with growing numbers of children and the addition of new staff Sarah, Luiza, Steph, Jodie and Marion into the room. Throughout the year the Possum room have welcomed the older children from the centre to come and join the activities to support and guide their younger peers. Singing songs, climbing, painting and sensory especially water have always popular in 2018. We were all very lucky to celebrate the arrival of Rylee’s new baby boy Bowie in September.

Pippi Room

Peta, Olivia, Elle, Gemma, Michelle, Brett, and Anthony have had a wonderful year creating and celebrating many beautiful relationships with the Pippi Room children. The year has been an emotional and social journey supporting the children to learn about their own identity and to gain the skills necessary to prepare them for their future learning. Many conversations and group times have focused on gaining emotional understanding to support emotional regulation and social skills to support collaboration, cooperation and caring for each other. Lego, dramatic play, music, sensory play, face painting, cooking, construction, diggers and trucks have been the themes of the year.

Kookaburra Room

Sheena, Shannan, Jackie, Cathy, Song Yan and Vaughan have had a very busy year creating a diverse education program to cater for a broad range of interests. This year the children have loved the dramatic play corner which has been everything from an airport, a hospital, a school and a campsite. The children have also jumped at the chance of doing any big physical activities such as the Ninja Warrior circuit or our gym with loads of different exercising equipment. Construction was also a huge draw card with a variety of different building materials. Social and emotional skills were a focal point in our group times especially supporting our turn taking, sharing skills and empathy. We have celebrated and explored many different cultures and were lucky to experience many incursions and excursions such as the NAIDOC march, Seabird Rescue, Teddy Bears Picnic, The Reptile Man and The Music Man- Brett Campbell. In the Transition to School program the children have been exploring culture and the human impact on our environment and extending on all the skills needed for school such communication, collaboration, resilience, persistent and lots of fine motor activities to support their growing cutting and writing skills.

2019 Child Care Fees

1. Education and Care

a. Dependent Child     $102 per day
b. Intermediate child     $ 99 per day
 c. Independent child     $ 92 per day

We run services from   *Central Ballina ( Ballina Public School)  * Lennox Head ( Lennox Public School)  * Teven Tintenbar ( Teven Tintenbar Public School) * East Ballina ( Southern Cross school)


2. Out of School Hours Care

a. Before School Care $17 per morning
b. After School Care $32 per afternoon
c. Vacation Care – non excursion day $65 per day

Rainbow Out of School Hours Care (OOSHC) Provides a range of services for children of (school age 5-12 year olds). All services provide a play based educational program supporting each child’s learning within a social environment. All services are fully approved and rated for compliance under the National Quality Framework.

Before school care provides play based care for a two hour period prior to children starting school in the mornings. We provide a safe supervised play environment and a small snack before starting the school day. The service is provided at

  • Lennox Head primary school only for children from that school,
  • Southern Cross Primary for children attending Southern Cross primary school.
  • Central Ballina for St Francis < Ballina Public School and other surrounding schools as we can take them to bus stop
  • Teven Tintenbar Public school.

After school care provides a supervised play based program for an approx three hour period after school, from 3pm-6.30pm. Children have access to a range of activities and are encouraged to actively participate in art/craft, sport, games and social activities. There are services at

  • Lennox Head Public, also suitable for children attending Holy Family and Tintenbar etc
  • Southern Cross Primary also suitable for children attending Holy Family and St Francis Xavier Primary
  • Ballina Primary School. Also suitable St Francis Xavier and Richmond Christian College
  • Tevn Tintenbar Public school and other surrounding schools.
  • We welcome children from all local schools where transport links allow the children to travel to any of these locations.

Vacation care – provides a play based program for school aged children during school holiday periods. The program is based on providing children with an enjoyable period out of school with an emphasis on active games, interesting excursions and social interactions. OOSHC has three locations:

  • Lennox Head Public                   provide a service for 5-12 year olds
  • Southern Cross Primary            provide a service for 5-12 year olds
  • Ballina Primary School   .          provide a service for 5-12 year olds
  • Teven Tintebar Public School  provide a service for 5-12 year olds

All enquiries should be made through our central office at East Ballina between 7.30am – 4.30pm  on 6686 6621

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