July Vacation Care program is now available –  bookings close Thursday 25th June

We will be operating in the July  holidays at our Central Ballina, East Ballina, Lennox Head and Teven Tintenbar Services

We will practice social distancing and families are asked to ensure their children wash their hands on arrival and departure, we will also be washing hands several times throughout the day.

We ask that all children bring their own water bottles, we will not be using the blubber’s at all.

We will as much as possible operate our program outdoors to support social distancing.

We ask that any child with cold like symptoms not attend, we will also be taking children and staff’s temperatures during the day and anyone with a temp of 37 degrees will be sent home.

While we will not be going on any excursions we will try our very best to ensure your children have a fun vacation care.

CB VC Bookings July 2020

EB VC Booking July 2020

LH VC Bookings July 2020

TT VC Bookings July 2020

Possum Room


Wow! it is truly hard to believe that 2019 is drawing to a close and a whole new year is about to unfold. We have had a dynamic, exciting and busy year in the Possum room as we ran on average with 5 educators and 18 children in a mixed age group of up to 3 years old. There has been so much growth in the children as they are exploring a huge variety of new skills such as crawling, walking, separating, toilet training, learning to ride bikes, caring for our gardens and for one another.

We have been blessed to have developed some amazing relationships with children and families over the year. We thank all the families and children for your trust and love over the year, we have received so much joy from these partnerships.

The relationships that children have formed with one another have also been a highlight of 2019. We have found that many children from across the service have enjoyed spending time in the Possum room, whether it be to see siblings or to come and hang out in  a new space and interact with the younger children. We have also found many of the children from the Possum room have been seeking the large outdoor yard and enjoying their time to get to know new peers and educators.

I would like to thank Steph, Marion, Jodie, Olivia and Jenn for all their hard work and commitment to quality early childhood education. I wish all the families, children, Rainbow educators, administration, kitchen staff and our director Jayne a safe and happy holidays from the Possum room, until next year Sharon

Pippi Room

With the year 2019 coming to an end it’s a great time for  reflection. This is a wonderful opportunity to say a big thank you to the children and families for the opportunity to be a part of your children’s learning journey at such a significant learning time in their  lives. We truly appreciate how privileged we are to share this with you all.

What an amazing year we have had in the Pippi Room, so much fun, so many friends, so much learning taking place. Thinking about it, it  has been a great year with a strong program that reflected the children and their families. It’s hard to believe how quickly children grow and learn at this age.

This is also an opportunity to acknowledge and thank Ellie, Gemma, Brett, Michelle and Rylee for all the hard work and how they celebrate every day the magic of working with children, planning fun, interesting and  meaningful learning experiences and their care and support for all the children.

Next year will be another significant year in everyone’s lifelong learning journey with lots more fun, friends, experiments, explorations and discoveries, while having fun and enjoying and loving the wonders and magic our amazing world has to offer.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and hope that you spend it doing the things that you truly love with the people that you love! from Ellie, Gemma, Brett, Michelle, Rylee, Peta

Kookaburra Room

What an exciting, busy and dynamic year for the Kookaburra room!! We farewell 24 preschoolers headed off to ‘big school’ and reflect on all the fun and learning over the last 12 months.

We have had a very social group this year and as a result have spent lots of time working with the children on their relationships; and have also been working very hard on our social skills especially initiating play, negotiating during play and our cooperation skills.  Our dramatic play area has greatly supported this and the children have enjoyed hairdressers, school, doctors a, homes and shops.

We have been lucky enough to have some excursions and incursions this year.  These add variety and interest to our educational program.  Some have included Ballina seabird and marine rescue, NAIDOC week march, regular visits to the RSL life care, coffee club, Fire fighters, Bollywood dancing and living safely with Dogs.

Our Kookaburra children have also been a very active group so we have participated in lots of gross motor play – the Munch and Move Fundamental movement skills packages have provided some fantastic games to support children’s developing skills, we have also introduced some TIG (traditional indigenous games) games out the back, long rope skipping, handball, basketball, soccer and many others.

Cooking is a popular and regular experience in the Kookaburra room and is great for supporting letter and number recognition, measuring, experimentation and turn taking.  I’m sure you have enjoyed some of the tasty treats your children have brought home or at least heard about it!!

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) is occurring everyday; lots of experiments and creative experiences to provoke thinking, reflection and self expression.  Also our construction area is amazing to see at the moment, the children have developed skills and creativity all year long and are making more interesting, creative and elaborate structures!

While we are sad to say goodbye to our Preschoolers (some of which we have known since birth!!) we are excited for an engaging, dynamic and fun filled 2020.  We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday break with your families.

Sheena, Shannan, Cathy, Vaughan, and Song Yan

2020 Child Care Fees

1. Education and Care

a. Dependent Child     $105 per day
b. Intermediate child     $ 102 per day
 c. Independent child     $ 95 per day

We run services from   *Central Ballina ( Ballina Public School)  * Lennox Head ( Lennox Public School)  * Teven Tintenbar ( Teven Tintenbar Public School) * East Ballina ( Southern Cross school)


2. Out of School Hours Care

a. Before School Care $17 per morning
b. After School Care $33 per afternoon
c. Vacation Care – non excursion day $66 per day

Rainbow Out of School Hours Care (OOSHC) Provides a range of services for children of (school age 5-12 year olds). All services provide a play based educational program supporting each child’s learning within a social environment. All services are fully approved and rated for compliance under the National Quality Framework.

Before school care provides play based care for a two hour period prior to children starting school in the mornings. We provide a safe supervised play environment and a small snack before starting the school day. The service is provided at

  • Lennox Head primary school only for children from that school,
  • Southern Cross Primary for children attending Southern Cross primary school.
  • Central Ballina for St Francis < Ballina Public School and other surrounding schools as we can take them to bus stop
  • Teven Tintenbar Public school.

After school care provides a supervised play based program for an approx three hour period after school, from 3pm-6.20pm. Children have access to a range of activities and are encouraged to actively participate in art/craft, sport, games and social activities. There are services at

  • Lennox Head Public, also suitable for children attending Holy Family and Tintenbar etc
  • Southern Cross Primary also suitable for children attending Holy Family and St Francis Xavier Primary
  • Ballina Primary School. Also suitable St Francis Xavier and Richmond Christian College
  • Teven Tintenbar Public school and other surrounding schools.
  • We welcome children from all local schools where transport links allow the children to travel to any of these locations.

Vacation care – provides a play based program for school aged children during school holiday periods. The program is based on providing children with an enjoyable period out of school with an emphasis on active games, interesting excursions and social interactions. OOSHC has four locations:

  • Lennox Head Public                   provide a service for 5-12 year olds
  • Southern Cross Primary            provide a service for 5-12 year olds
  • Ballina Primary School   .          provide a service for 5-12 year olds
  • Teven Tintenbar Public School  provide a service for 5-12 year olds

All enquiries should be made through our central office at East Ballina between 7.30am – 4.30pm  on 6686 6621

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