Rainbow Education and Care

Rainbow Education Care is a long day care program providing education and care to children from babies to five year olds prior to school. It is fully approved as a service under National Regulations providing preschool education and a transition to school program for children in the year prior to starting school. It has been rated as meeting all aspects of the National Quality Standards.

Some families are uncertain about whether four year olds need to go to a preschool in the year prior to starting school. However all child care centres such as Rainbow provide a preschool education, in the same way that preschools do. We both have the same fully qualified teachers , educational  learning experiences and educational records of children’s development. For further information Child Care compared to Preschool

Come and see our program in action If you are considering enrolling at our service come to the centre with your child to observe the program and talk with staff. The best times are between 10.30am-4.30pm, although earlier or later visits are OK if that suits you better. Please call us (66866621) to arrange a time to visit. If you feel comfortable after observing the program, then we can discuss your needs and whether we will be able to help you. Our educational program has a number of features that make it different to many other children’s services:

  • Play based learning We believe that learning in young children is a dynamic play based process. Children learn by doing hands on experiences in their own time and doing them as often as they wish to develop mastery and understanding. The more the child is interested in their experiences – the more they learn. A broad range of play experiences supported by staff skilled in expanding and supporting the play, is sufficient to allow children to learn all they need in their first five years.
  • If you want to know more about how young children learn  How young children learn
  • Supporting child choices To ensure the learning experiences are interesting to each child, the educational program is based on child choice. We know that children learn best when doing things they like to do. Therefore rather than our staff deciding in advance what learning activities will be set out for children each day, we allow the children to decide and each child can ask for the learning experience they want to do. This approach supports children’s self confidence and capacity to make appropriate choices.
  • Mixed age grouping The educational program is also based on mixed age grouping of children. In mixed age grouping, children of all ages 0-5 interact and play together for the bulk of the day and especially during routines such as lunch and arrival and departure. There are also times when particular learning experiences are provided just for one age group of children. Children learn to be confident, to assist and support other children and adults and to follow the lead of other children and adults as and when appropriate. To read more about mixed age groups  Mixed age grouping
  • Freedom NOT to be involved Children may also opt out of any activity. Nothing is required to be done at the centre. Just as we as adults need sometimes to choose to “do nothing” to relax and “chill out” we allow children to make the same choice if they wish from time to time.
  • Child focused meals and routines Meals and routines follow the same pattern of child choice. Morning tea, lunch, rest time are available to children over an extended period and children can determine when and if they want to participate. A child may want to eat lunch at 11.30am when it is first available or may choose to wait till 12.45pm,
  • because they are busy doing something else. This process gives each child some chance to have meaningful control over part of their day and helps them to learn to make choices and to accept the outcome of their choices.
  • Natural Challenging Playground The Rainbow centre has a large natural playground featuring plants, trees, sand, shade, grass, dirt, bushes, soft and hard surfaces and is a wonderful play environment. We use the outdoors as a vital part of our learning environment and stress the natural environment and sustainability in our programs.
  • Varied Staff Team Our staff include a broad range of people, – of different age, gender, cultural backgrounds and disposition. Children can make choices about which staff person they wish to work and play with and who they feel most comfortable being around. This helps each child to feel comfortable from day to day – although of course over time most children learn to feel at ease with all our team members.



Policy Sec 2 Child H&S

Policy Sect 3 WH&S

Policy Sect 4 Staffing

Policy Sect 5 Education Program

Policy Sect 6 Management

Early Years Learning Framework sets out the Federal Governments requirements for the educational program at all children’s services including preschools and child care centres.

Application Form 2018 – if you are interested in registering your name for future enrolment at Rainbow giving us some contact details so we can keep in touch with you

Change enrolment form– if you are currently enrolled and need to change days or services, you can use this form to let us know